Monton cleaning services provide all your cleaning equipment.  Our cleaning operatives arrive at your business fully equipped to complete their daily tasks


Obviously it depends on the size of the job and the amount of cleaning needed to be done, but three hours should be enough to clean a three bedroom house. You will find that if you have a cleaner for four hours you will get a deeper clean and they will be able to do skirting boards, ovens etc as well. In our opinion if you want the whole house cleaned from top to bottom and inside out we suggest a minimum of four hours to enable the cleaner to obtain a deeper clean, but don’t be put off we can still do a lot in three hours.


If you don’t like the cleaner, we promise to find you an alternative cleaner within 3 hours. If the cleaner needs to be swapped a week later will find alternative cleaners to suit you and your needs.

All our cleaners are covered under our own policy a copy of this can be obtained on request

We ask for a minimum of two years working experience within the cleaning sector. We fully check all references 100 % , we can assure you we turn many of applicants away due to the nature of our business we can not afford to make mistakes,
if the applicant has not got the relevant qualifications or skills and more importantly references then they will not be allowed on our books for customer recommendations

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